Pictured above: Owner/founder Adrian Buendia delivers a speech at OU’s Summit Leadership Conference. Picture courtesy of  OU Leadership & Volunteerism’s Facebook page, Francis Phan.

On Saturday January 28th, Adrian Buendia, the owner of Nexus Productions Inc. & Eskimo Sno  was honored to come speak at the 13th Annual OU Leadership Summit hosted by the OU Leadership & Volunteerism office at the University of Oklahoma! Adrian & his team at Nexus Productions Inc. has been providing the sound and lighting for the Leadership Summit which is held at OU’s Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center and  OCCE Forum Building for past several years and this year Adrian had the chance to share his story on how the “Connections” he has been making at the University of Oklahoma since his freshman year in 1996-1997 and the course of  the past 21 years of being involved in the OU community has helped him grow his businesses tremendously!

Pictured above: The OCCE Forum with Nexus Productions Inc. providing the Architectural Lighting consisting of Uplighting, Vertical Totem Trussing, Moving Heads with the OU Leader Summitt Logos projected on the ground, and Light Up Bistro Table. Picture courtesy of  OU Leadership & Volunteerism’s Facebook page, Francis Phan.

From his Freshman year when he was involved with the President’s Leadership Class, Adrian began making connections.  One of the first connections he made at OU was when Adrian first met Kristen Partridge, (Pictured Speaking Above) who is the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Dean of Students, when she was his student advisor in PLC.  Over the course of the past 1o years, Adrian is grateful for the relationship he has made with Kristen as she has been a integral part of including Nexus Productions Inc. in so many campus events and traditions and also working with her as a wedding planner for many weddings of former OU students.

The list could go on and on with the many people at OU that Adrian has been blessed to meet when he was an undergrad and also after he graduated. Many of the people he met at OU during his involved days as a student are now in charge of different departments and organizations on campus that now hires Nexus Productions Inc. and Eskimo Sno for their events.  Adrian also first got involved in DJing when he was the Entertainment Chair for the 1st ever High School Leadership Conference at OU in 1999 and used his parent’s home audio sound system to DJ his first dance party! Adrian also credits being involved with Soonerthon in the late 90’s to the start of Nexus Productions Inc. as he and former roommate and best friend and co-founder of Nexus Productions Inc., Dr.Dave Tran, DJ’d many of the first Dance Marathons at OU too! Nexus Productions Inc. is honored to still be the official DJ and Production Company for Soonerthon, Cowboython, & Bronchthon with DJ Garrett Ebersole of Nexus Productions Inc. taking the lead role in those events today!

Adrian also spoke on how he became the PA Announcer of the Oklahoma Sooners Volleyball team back in 2006 after a brief meeting with OU Volleyball Head Coach, Santiago Restrepo and Dave Haskin, OU’s Assistant Director of Athletics Marketing at the time who also helped make the hire. Adrian first met OU Volleyball’s Head Coach at various Club Tournaments across the nation when he coached High School and Club Volleyball in 2003.  Adrian first met Dave Haskin, the Assistant Director of Marketing for OU Athletics at Eskimo Sno when Dave & his wife would come by for Sugar Free Snow Cones! From those connections, Adrian has been the OU Volleyball PA Announcer for the past 10 seasons and has also had the opportunity to announce and DJ at almost every sporting event at the University of Oklahoma!

Pictured below: Adrian Buendia announcing at a University of Oklahoma Volleyball game with Head Coach Santiago Restrespo on the sideline. Photograph courtesy of SoonerSports.com.


The many stories and pictures Adrian shared during his talk illustrated how every person you meet in your lifetime can become an important “Connection” to help you later on in life. Adrian wants to thanks Dr. Becky Barker of the OU Leadership & Volunteerism office for allowing him to be a speaker at this year’s leadership summit and share a little about his journey to the many students leaders at this year’s summit.





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