What started as a one time gig evolved to DJ Swersey, Malcolm Davis, making an appearance every Thursday on the stage of Seven47, Norman, OK.

It starts with loading up at the office/warehouse where equipment has been checked, and photobooth is stocked if needed. Packed in an Element we make our way to Historic Campus Corner to Seven47. By day Seven47 is just like other restaurants in the area. Serving food, making drinks, being the hostess of the mostest, (they also serve a killer brunch.)

Doors never become locked, but during the down time between dinner and rage, we make our moves to set up sound, lights and entertainment to prepare for the evening ahead. Not only do we bring the music but we also provide our own lighting accessories to enhance the atmosphere. We check from all the angles of the room to make sure everyone receives the full experience of what Nexus Productions Inc has to offer.

On the nights we bring the photobooth are the most special occasions. Normally it occurs for special events such as Halloween, Back to School, or a private event. Photos from the events can be found on Facebook at Nexus Productions Inc. Seven47 will let us know what event they need us for and we’ll be sure to create and epic layout and bring the most appropriate props for the event’s theme. This way, everything stays in sync and looks sharp. We can even tailor the lighting to fit the event’s theme.

While it may seem like a lot of work, it’s what we love to do! We don’t like to limit ourselves, which is why we put ourselves out there. We not only do venue entertainment but also date parties, weddings, corporate events, baby showers, summer festivals, sporting events, whatever you can think of we will make it work.

Who knows, maybe we, too, can create a weekly gig.


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